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Epidemiology PhD Program

Our goal for the Doctoral Program in Epidemiology is to prepare exceptionally qualified individuals for a career of research and teaching in the field of epidemiology. Epidemiology has been a central part of medicine and public health at UAB since the early 1970's. Our Epidemiology Program faculty has active research grants totaling over $15M for projects in Alabama, the United States, and around the world. Specific areas of concentration within the broader field of epidemiology include occupational epidemiology, infectious disease epidemiology, chronic disease epidemiology, epidemiologic methods, pharmacoepidemiology and genetic epidemiology. The aim of the Ph.D. program is to provide students with a firm background in study designs and statistical analyses to investigate the cause of a disease and its distribution to develop new methods for control and prevention. Candidates in our program will master skills in the design, method, analysis, and interpretation of epidemiologic studies required for conducting independent research in epidemiology. Students have the opportunity to obtain instruction in the basic sciences outside the School of Public Health. Students who complete the Ph.D. program in Epidemiology will have specific research skills in epidemiology that are applicable to both basic science and public health research.

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Contact Information:

The Program Director: Emily Levitan, ScD,

PhD Program Assistant: Ms Catherine M Sreenan

Coordinator of Graduate Academic Programs: Ms. Kimberly Hawkins King

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