Leslie McClure, PhD

Drexel University


PhD in Biostatistics, The University of Michigan, 2004
MS in Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health, The University of Iowa, 1997
BS in Mathematics, The University of Kansas, 1995


Biographical Sketch:

Dr. McClure's primary research is in the design and analysis of multicenter clicial trials, particularly with issues of multiplicity.  She has collaborated with researchers in the areas of stroke and cardiovascular diseases, cognitive decline, asthma and childhood pedestrian safety.  In addition, Dr. McClure is interested in environmental risk factors for stroke and cognitive decline, and has collaborated with researchers at NASA to develop and ulitize estimtes of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) based on both ground-level and satellite measures.


BST 623: General Linear Models
BST 695: Special Topics in Biostatistics - History of Statistics
BST 726: Advanced Clinical Trials II
BST 760: Generalized Linear &  Mixed Models