Nengjun Yi, PhD

Ryals 317F

Dr. Yi is the Sir David Cox Endowed Professor in Biostatistics in the Department of Biostatistics in the School of Public Health. His research areas include 1) Statistical Genetics: genetic association studies, predictive and prognostic modeling of complex diseases, statistical analysis of genetic interactions (gene-gene and gene-environment interactions); 2) Computational Systems Biology; 3) Cancer and Obesity Genetics; 4) Hierarchical Generalized Linear and Survival Models; and 5) Computer Software Development. He has developed a series of statistical methods and two R packages: BhGLM and qtlbim, for jointly analyzing multiple genes and genetic interactions and for predictive and prognostic modeling of complex diseases. Dr. Yi has completed two NIH R01 grants as PI, entitled "Bayesian methods for mapping complex epistatic genes" and "Bayesian Methods for Genome-Wide Interacting QTL Mapping", respectively, and multiple NIH grants as Co-Investigator. He serves as Associate Editor for several journals.


  • BhGLM (Bayesian hierarchical GLMs, with application to genetic data analysis)
  • NBZIMM (Negative Binomial and Zero-Inflated Mixed Models)
  • R/qtlbim (QTL Bayesian Interval Mapping)
Curriculum Vitae: