Lisa C. McCormick, DrPH, MPH

Associate Professor
Ryals 140H

Dr. Lisa C. McCormick (DrPH, MPH, University of Alabama at Birmingham, BS, University of Southern Mississippi) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences at the UAB School of Public Health. Her primary research interests are focused on public health preparedness and response, the organization of response systems, and assessing interorganizational networks as a dimension of response capacity and community resiliency. She has also conducted research on preparedness education training programs and expanding emergency preparedness competencies, public health workforce development, and HIV-related stigma among healthcare workers. Dr. McCormick currently teaches the MPH Capstone Course (PUH 695) and other courses in disaster and emergency management and preparedness policy at both the graduate and undergraduate level. 

Dr. McCormick is the Associate Dean for Public Health Practice for the UAB School of Public Health.  In addition, Dr. McCormick is the Director of the Deep South Biosafety and Infectious Disease Response Worker Training Program, the Lead Evaluator for the Region IV Public Health Training Center, and an Investigator with the Southeast AIDS Education and Training Center.  She has worked with both state and local public health departments across the southeastern United States.     

Dr. McCormick has co-authored three textbooks focusing on emergency preparedness and response and effective safety and health training as well as multiple peer-reviewed journal publications:


Journal Publications:

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