Susan L. Davies, PhD

Ryals 227

Dr. Susan Lane Davies is a Professor in the Department of Health Behavior and has scientific affiliations in six UAB research centers: Center for the Study of Community Health, a CDC-funded Prevention Research Center; Center for AIDS Research and its Behavioral and Community Science Core; Minority Health Research Center; Nutrition and Obesity Research Center; Diabetes Research Center; and Center for Outcomes and Effectiveness Research. Her primary research interests involve the reduction of risk behaviors in disadvantaged adolescents and young adults, specifically the prevention of adolescent pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (including HIV), and other negative outcomes in high-risk youth.

Dr. Davies has over ten years of experience in designing, implementing and evaluating theory-based interventions for a broad array of special populations and in collecting and evaluating psychosocial and behavioral measures associated with adherence to risk reduction behaviors.

Dr. Davies teaches courses in health behavior theory and adolescent health.

Research Interests

Family interventions to promote youth health

HIV prevention in economically disadvantaged communities

Adolescent pregnancy and childbearing