Andrzej Kulczycki, PhD

Associate Professor
Ryals 310E

Andrzej Kulczycki, MSc, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Health Care Organization and Policy, UAB. He links public health with the social, behavioral and policy sciences, works both domestically and internationally, and has experience with multiple methodological approaches. He is also scientist, UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Center for the Study of Community Health, and scholar, Sparkman Center for Global Health. He teaches courses in reproductive health and public health demography.

Dr. Kulczycki's research focuses on reproductive health, demography, maternal and child health, health programs and policies, and research methods. Current research includes expanding barrier contraceptive choices, investigating biomarkers of semen exposure, examining fertility trends and behavior, and designing provider-based strategies to increase HPV vaccination coverage and adherence. His published work has appeared in leading journals and he has reviewed for 25 journals. His books include a landmark comparative study of abortion practice and policy (The Abortion Debate in the World Arena, published by Macmillan and Routledge). He is also editor of the forthcoming Critical Issues in Reproductive Health (Springer Books).

Dr. Kulczycki is the Chair-Elect of the Population, Reproductive and Sexual Health section of the American Public Health Association. He is also the Treasurer of the research committee on population of the International Sociological Association. He is also currently serving on several CDC working groups to assist completion of the National Action Plan for the prevention, deteciton, and management of infertility.

Dr. Kulczycki has taught courses in reproductive health, demography, population studies, maternal and child health, research methods, and health programs and policies. He has also developed curricula in population studies, epidemiology and international health, and maternal and child health policy and leadership. Earlier, he was a faculty member at the American University of Beirut and a research associate at the University of Michigan, where he completed his doctorate. He also holds degrees from the Universities of London and Durham.