Faculty internship orientation slides

What is the MPH internship?
The internship is a 3-credit hour course requirement of all MPH-seeking students.  According to the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH), all graduate professional public health degree students must demonstrate the application of public health concepts through a practice experience that is relevant to the student’s area of specialization.  This experience is planned, supervised, and evaluated throughout the semester of the internship.

What are the requirements of the MPH internship?
In order to register for the internship course, students must have completed all public health core coursework.  Usually, this means that students must wait until their 3rd semester to complete the internship.  Students must complete a minimum of 180 contact hours with the organization during the semester in which they register for the internship.  Students cannot start the internship prior to the first day of class and must have all hours in by the last day of class for that semester.  Learning objectives for the internship must be set based on the MPH foundational and departmental competencies. The following documents are required as part of the planning and evaluation of the internship:

  • Internship Description and Agreement (completed by the student; signed by the faculty advisor & preceptor)
  • Student Midpoint Meeting Form (and confirmation of meeting from faculty advisor & preceptor)
  • Final Student Evaluation of the Internship Experience
  • Student's Final Paper
  • Student's Final Internship Poster and attendance at internship poster session
  • Preceptor Midpoint and Final Evaluations of the student intern

How do students find an internship?
Students can apply to internships coordinated through the school or they can identify their own opportunity.  Students are encouraged to first review posted internships coordinated through the school.  Opportunities coordinated through the school will be posted in the Get A Handle Student Newsletter and Hire A Blazer (UAB’s Career Management Site). Applied practice experiences may involve governmental, non-governmental, non-profit, industrial and for-profit settings or appropriate university-affiliated settings. To be appropriate for applied practice experience activities, university-affiliated settings must be primarily focused on community engagement, typically with external partners. University health promotion or wellness centers may also be appropriate. Activities meeting the applied practical experience should be mutually beneficial to both the site and the student.

Where can I find more information about the MPH internship?
Please read through the faculty frequently asked questions (FAQs) to find the answers to the most common questions regarding the internship. More information on the policies and procedures of the internship can be found on the Policies and Procedurespage under "For Students". If you still have any questions regarding the internship, please contact the Office of Public Health Practice.