All students must complete a written assignment and poster at the end of the practicum. The purpose of the assignment is to have the student reflect on the practice experience. This is an opportunity for the student to describe what was done, what was learned, and to place the experiences within the context of the organization, the community and the MPH program. The student should think creatively about his/her contribution to the profession and the professional value of the placement.

For your internship experience, your final paper should contain the following components:

  1. Provide a brief background of the organization where you completed your internship. This information should include the type of organization (e.g. community health center, social service agency, health department, etc.) as well as the mission and purpose of the organization. 

  2. Provide a brief synopsis of the work you completed with your organization. Describe your role in the organization including the projects and activities on which you worked, methods used, key findings and outcomes, your target audience, and who you worked with (include your preceptor's name and title). Be sure to include any other related activities like meetings, retreats, planning events, conferences, presentations, and/or evaluations. 

  3. Describe how your internship experience relates to public health and population health. This can be explained in the context of the core functions and 10 public health essential services. Describe the impact of your work on the public's health. Answer how it relates to your specific public health discipline and your interests.

  4. Provide examples of lessons learned. Provide at least two examples of challenges that occurred during your internship and how you overcame those challenges

  5. List how your activities relate to the MPH competencies. Include all 5 MPH Competencies including at least 3 MPH Foundational Competencies and how your activities allowed you to gained competence in these areas. Refer to the current MPH foundational competencies as well as your track specific competencies. Compare and align the activities you completed during your internship to these competencies. List the competencies and describe which activities allowed you to gain competence in that area. Make sure you include at least 5 competencies total, including the required Foundational Competency #19.

  6. Describe how the competencies (skills, knowledge) you have gained during your MPH internship will impact your future career path and professional development. 

Your paper should be at least 5 pages in length. A titele page should not be included in the page count. It should be double-spaced (not including references), 12 pt. Time Roman Font with one-inch margins. Student's final paper must be submitted through InternTrack during the last week of classes (the internship coordinator will give you the actual date), HOWEVER a student's faculty advisor may request an earlier deadline to review the paper before final submission. Please consult with your faculty advisor for specific deadlines.