The poster should be formatted as a PowerPoint poster using the template below. The poster should then be professionally printed and presented at the poster session, unless you were granted an alternative poster option.  The student is responsible for printing the poster and all associated costs. 

PowerPoint Template

Content Requirements:

The following should be included in your poster:

a. Your name, department and the name of the organization at which you did your Practice Experience.

b. Dates of your Practice Experience.

c. Description of the Practice Experience to include:

  • Description of organization: type or organization (e.g., community health center; social service agency; health department), mission (e.g provide comprehensive health care for persons living with HIV/AIDS) and some of the services offered (e.g., provides primary health and prevention services to low-income residents, connects low-income residents to housing; health education, screenings and testing, etc.) 
  • Public Health Context: real or potential impact of the work you accomplished on the public’s health using the core functions (assessment, policy development and assurance) and 10 essential public health services as a guide.
  • Description of the Practice Experience: your role in organization, project(s) on which you worked, and other related activities, e.g., meetings, retreats, presentations, planning events, etc.
  • Lessons Learned: provide at least two examples of challenges that occurred during your internship and how you overcame those challenges.
  • Competencies gained/improved through the Practice Experience: list all 5 of the competencies relevant to your Practice Experience and describe which activities you completed during your Practical Experience allowed you to gain competence in that area. 

In desgining your poster, please remove the brackets and instructions listed under of the sections of your poster. 

Printing Requirements (for students attending in-person poster session):

Once you have completed your poster, you will need to print your poster and upload the PowerPoint slide to InternTrack. You can print your poster on campus or off campus: 

Size Requirements: 36'' X 48''

To verify your PPT template is the correct size: 

  1. Open PPT Template
  2. Click on the Tab titled "Design"
  3. Click on "Page Setup" in Menu
  4. Verify Height: 36''
  5. Verify Width: 48''
  6. Orientation should be set at Landscape

If you need further guidance on completing your poster, please speak with the Internship Coordinators or your Faculty Advisor.