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An endowment is a long- term investment in the UAB School of Public Health. These gifts will provide scholarships, support funds and other benefits to students, faculty, and staff year after year. Endowments also offer donors the opportunity to have their name, or the name of a loved one, connected to an area of the School in which they have a special interest. You can learn more about endowments here.

The School of Public Health has a wide variety of established endowments, including scholarships, professorships, lectureships, and awards. You are more than welcome to donate to an already existing endowment or create your own. Learn more about creating an endowment here. Explore the School of Public Health's endowed lectureships and awards below.

Lecture Funds

Janet L. Norwood Lecture

The Janet L. Norwood Lecture is delivered each year by the winner of the Janet L. Norwood Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Woman in the Statistical Sciences. The recipient of the annual award will be an internationally recognized statistician. This lecture not only recognizes Dr. Norwood's many achievements, but also the contributions of many women to the statistical sciences.

Carole W. Samuelson Endowed Lectureship in Public Health Practice

The Carole W. Samuelson Lecture focuses on public health practice. Past lectures have been on the politics of lead poisoning, the decline of the public health infrastructure and impacts of public health studies on the general population, to name a few.

Ann Dial McMillan Endowed Lectureship in Family and Child Health

The Ann Dial McMillan Endowed Lectureship in Family and Child Health is a unique interdisciplinary lectureship designed to tap into and promote public health breakthroughs relevant to family and children's health. Lectures address challenges and innovations in maternal and child health with a special focus on issues that affect everyday life such as nutrition, diabetes, cancer, obesity, substance abuse, and other salient topics. The goal of the lecture is to promote the health of children, their families, and the community as a whole by educating the academic community about new discoveries in family and children's health practices.

Glenwood Endowed Lecture

The Glenwood Endowed Lectureship began in 2005 as a collaboration between Glenwood Autism & Behavioral Health Center and the UAB School of Public Health. The lectureship focuses on the health impacts of, and care responses to, behavioral health disorders such as autism.

Award Funds

Irtaza and Shana Siddique Endowed Award for Academic Excellence in Epidemiology

The Irtaza and Shana Siddique Endowed Award for Academic Excellence in Epidemiology will provide a cash award to graduating students who have demonstrated superior academic performance and knowledge of epidemiology. Dr. Siddique received his Master of Public Health degree with a concentration in epidemiology from the UAB School of Public Health. He was a professor of microbiology and public health at College of Veterinary Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health at Tuskegee University for 44 years. Residents of Auburn, Alabama, Dr. and Mrs. Siddique have made substantial contributions to the field of veterinary medicine and shown exceptional commitment to education and public health as well as exemplary generosity and service.

Charles R. Katholi Distinguished Dissertation Award Endowment

This award pays tribute to Dr. Katholi's longtime service to and support of UAB and the Department of Biostatistics. The award was established to encourage excellence in research and scholarly activities among students in the Department of Biostatistics. Dr. Katholi began his career at UAB in 1970 as an Assistant Professor of Biomathematics. In 1982 he was named Associate Professor of Biostatistics and Biomathematics and in 1995 was appointed Professor of Biostatistics. He served as interim department chair for two years, 1997-1999 and was named Professor Emeritus in 2003. During this time he has consistently demonstrated a sincere love of teaching and commitment to educating students. He is also regarded as a valued mentor and role model to young faculty members.

Samuel Brown Bridge Builder Endowed Award

The Sam Brown Bridge Builder Award was established in 2009 to recognize the remarkable career of Dr. Sam Brown. The award honors his unique ability to develop and nurture working relationships between faculty and staff across the UAB campus in ways that embodied the vision, character, and bridge-building talents vital to the future of UAB.

Lou Wooster Public Health Hero Endowed Award

The Lou Wooster Public Health Hero Award is presented annually to recognize individuals, groups, or organizations who are unconventional public health heroes. The award honors Lou Wooster, a 19th century Birmingham madam who risked her life to care for the sick and dying during the 1873 cholera epidemic and who helped ensure the city's survival.

Donna K. Arnett Outstanding Dissertation Award

Donna Arnett joined the faculty of the UAB School of Public Health in 2004 to lead the department of Epidemiology to national preeminence. Her tireless dedication to excellence brought together a faculty and staff who helped her realize her vision of unparalleled scholarship, education, service, and diversity.



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