An investment in our research is an investment in the future health of the population.

The School of Public Health has a diverse research portfolio focused on several facets of public health. Through innovation and collaboration, our faculty investigators are finding ways to change the health of communities near and far. There are several types of endowed funds that support research. Some of the most common are endowed professorships and chairs. The School currently has one endowed chair and four endowed professorships. You can learn more about these types of endowments and others on UAB's giving page. Below, see how the School's current endowed professorships are making a difference.

Kevin Fontaine, PhD, Antoine Lavoister Endowed Professor of Energetics and Healthy Lifestyles

Research Funds

Quetelet Endowed Professor

Sadeep Shrestha, PhD

The endowment recognizes the continued contribution of my research, teaching, and service. It provides the resources for innovative projects that I have always wanted to initiate but not had the opportunity to do so, it helps pay for a graduate assistant and allows for travel to collaborate with scholars around the world.

William "Student" Sealy Gossett Endowed Professor

Hemant Tiwari, PhD

The endowment has helped me continue my research projects in multi-omics analyses to understand the mechanism of complex traits. The endowment has led to more than 100 peer-reviewed publications and helped me to pay for a PhD student. I also have contributed from the endowment to support high-performance computing infrastructure for omics data sets.

Sir David Cox Endowed Professor

Nengjun Yi, PhD

The Sir David Cox professorship has helped me not only continue leading edge research projects for statistical genetics and applied Bayesian methods, but also expand my research to new areas such as precision medicine and metagenomics. Since I received this professorship, my team and I have developed new high-dimensional methods and computer software for predicting various disease outcomes and for analyzing microbiome/ metagenomic data. 




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