Health Behavior Program Competencies

Department of Health Behavior Competencies
for Degree Programs

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Health Behavior MPH Competencies

MPH-HB 1: Explain social and behavioral science theories to public health problems.

MPH-HB 2: Create theory-based behavior change strategies based on target population needs.

MPH-HB 3: Apply principles of evaluating health promotion and disease prevention programs.

MPH-HB 4: Demonstrate an understanding of the ethical standards of public health research and practice.

MPH-HB 5: Evaluate the literature concerning individual and social influences on health behavior.


Health Behavior MSPH Competencies

MSPH-HB 1: Demonstrate the application of social and behavioral science theories in an area of specialization.

MSPH-HB 2: Develop a social and behavioral science theory based intervention.

MSPH-HB 3: Demonstrate the ability to conduct health behavior research under the guidance of a health behavior mentor.

MSPH-HB 4: Write a health behavior study manuscript reporting appropriate research principles and methods in the design, conduct, analysis, and interpretation.

MSPH-HB 5: Present health behavior study findings to health behavior mentor and faculty in a public forum.

Health Behavior Doctor of Philosophy Competencies

PHD-HB 1: Analyze the individual and social influences on health behavior with the aim of developing, evaluating, and implementing solutions to health behavior problems.

PHD-HB 2: Evaluate theoretical models of health and health behavior considering societal, structural, community, and organizational influences.

PHD-HB 3: Design health education/health promotion intervention programs.

PHD-HB 4: Conduct a comprehensive review of literature and identify gaps.

PHD-HB 5: Develop a health behavior dissertation research proposal with detailed plan for conducting the study and performing the analyses.

PHD-HB 6: Conduct dissertation research from design through analysis and interpretation.

PHD-HB 7: Effectively communicate results in an oral presentation and manuscript appropriate for degree.



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