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LHC Abstracts summarized the research of an LHC Scholar which was published in a national, peer reviewed journal. LHC Abstracts were one way in which the Lister Hill Center communicated with the health policy community at the national, state and local levels, and with the general public. Click on a title to link to a pdf version of the abstract.

2013-2014 Abstracts

Do Co-payment Increases Affect Emergency Department Use in the Children’s Health Insurance Program?
Volume 24, Number 4, February 2014

Nursing Home Quality and Financial Performance: Does the Racial Composition of Residents Matter?
Volume 24, Number 3, January 2014

Could Earlier Cataract Surgery for Older Adults Reduce Their Involvement in Motor Vehicle Collisions?
Volume 24, Number 2, December 2013

Do Higher Payments and More Sophisticated Risk Adjustment Affect Enrollment in Medicare Advantage Plans?
Volume 24, Number 1, November 2013

2012-2013 Abstracts

Do Religious Hospitals Provide More Community Benefits Than Other Hospital Types?
Volume 23, Number 6, August 2013

Do Children’s Preventive Dental Visits Generate Savings for a State Children’s Health Insurance Program?
Volume 23, Number 5, June 2013

Does Breastfeeding Duration Affect Childhood Obesity?
Volume 23, Number 4, May 2013

Can Patient-Centered Care Reduce Visits to the Emergency Department?
Volume 23, Number 3, April 2013

Do Over-the-counter Oral Contraceptive Users Skip Reproductive Health Screenings?
Volume 23, Number 2, February 2013

Do African Americans in the Rural South Trust Generic Drugs?
Volume 23, Number 1, November 2012

2011-2012 Abstracts

Has Access to Dental Services Improved for Children Enrolled in Medicaid?
Volume 22, Number 7, September 2012

Does CHIP Coverage Affect Asthma Outcomes in Alabama?
Volume 22, Number 6, August 2012

Gasoline Prices and Physical Activity: Is There a Connection?
Volume 22, Number 5, June 2012

Are Medicare Cuts in Payment for Bone Density Scans Reflected in the Number of Scans Performed?
Volume 22, Number 4, May 2012

Do Higher Copayments Reduce Use of Health Services Among CHIP Enrollees?
Volume 22, Number 3, April 2012

Is Undernutrition Related to Increased Use of Health Care Among Older Adults?
Volume 22, Number 2, February 2012

Will Financial Incentives Expand the Use of Electronic Health Records?
Volume 22, Number 1, January 2012

2010-2011 Abstracts

Are Late Preterm Infants at Increased Risk of Poor Health During Their First Year?
Volume 21, Number 4, July 2011

Do Gas Prices, Beer Taxes and Graduated Driver's License Programs Really Reduce Teenage Driver Fatalities?
Volume 21, Number 3, February 2011

Does Asthma Management Among Children Differ by Race or Insurance Type?
Volume 21, Number 2, January 2011

Implementing Health Information Technology in Hospitals: A Simple Make-or-Buy Decision?
Volume 21, Number 1, October 2010

2009-2010 Abstracts

Does it Matter Whether Rural Residents Spend More Out-of-Pocket on Their Health Care Expenses than Urban Residents?
Volume 20, Number 9, August/September 2010

Do Rural Internet Users Search Online for Health Information?
Volume 20, Number 8, June/July 2010

Is it Time to Implement Pay-for-Performance in Dentistry?
Volume 20, Number 7, April/May 2010

Are Physicians That Use Electronic Health Records Satisfied with These Systems?
Volume 20, Number 6, March 2010

Tuberculosis Investigation: Is There a Cost-effective Method to Determine Who Should Be Tested?
Volume 20, Number 5, February 2010

Does the Frequency of Family Meals Affect Adolescent Problem Behavior?
Volume 20, Number 4, January 2010

Do Family Planning Providers Influence Follow-up Care for Abnormal Pap Smears?
Volume 20, Number 3, December 2009

Does Medicare Prospective Payment for Nursing Homes Affect Their Participation in the Subacute Care Market?
Volume 20, Number 2, November 2009

Do Rural Patients Bypass Their Local Hospital for Outpatient Procedures?
Volume 20, Number 1, October 2009

2008-2009 Abstracts

Does Computerized Physician Order Entry Improve Medication-related Quality Outcomes in Hospitals?
Volume 19, Number 10, August 2009

Is Low Use of Services for Substance-related Problems Due to Lack of Availability?
Volume 19, Number 9, July 2009

Travel Distance: A Barrier to Osteoporosis Screening?
Volume 19, Number 8, June 2009

Can Lessons Learned from Infectious Disease Exercises Improve Preparedness?
Volume 19, Number 7, May 2009

Did the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 Affect Survival for Older Adults Diagnosed with Cancer?
Volume 19, Number 6, April 2009

Do Health Economists Agree on How to Reform Health Care?
Volume 19, Number 5, March 2009

Do Caps on Medical Malpractice Damage Awards Lead to Lower Health Insurance Premiums?
Volume 19, Number 4, January 2009

Are Physicians in Competitive Markets More Likely to Use Electronic Health Records?
Volume 19, Number 3, December 2008

Can a Formula Identify Top-Performing Hospitals?
Volume 19, Number 2, November 2008

Do ASCs Have Better Surgical Outcomes Than HOPDs?
Volume 19, Number 1, October 2008

2007-2008 Abstracts

Is There a Southern Model for Malpractice Tort Reform?
Volume 18, Number 12, September 2008

Will the Nursing Shortage Affect Pediatric Care?
Volume 18, Number 11, August 2008

Does Receiving Home Health Services Ensure Good Nutrition for Homebound Elderly?
Volume 18, Number 10, July 2008

SCHIP: Does Reimbursement Influence Provider Satisfaction?
Volume 18, Number 9, June 2008

Dentist Visits: Does Race Predict Which Children Receive Care?
Volume 18, Number 8, May 2008

Do Specialty Hospitals Decrease Profits for General Hospitals?
Volume 18, Number 7, April 2008

Does Self-reported Health Predict the End of Driving for Older Adults?
Volume 18, Number 6, March 2008

Mass Media and Crisis Communication: Should Journalists Participate in Preparedness Training?
Volume 18, Number 5, February 2008

Do “Most Wired” Hospitals Deliver Better Care?
Volume 18, Number 4, January 2008

Do Weekend Heart Attack Patients Get Lower Quality Care?
Volume 18, Number 3, December 2007

Ambulatory Surgery Centers: Meaningful Competition for Hospitals?
Volume 18, Number 2, November 2007

Are low-income drug users more likely to receive welfare?
Volume 18, Number 1, October 2007

2006-2007 Abstracts

Does research on tort reform influence court decisions?
Volume 17, Number 11, September 2007

Does a state's choice of SCHIP insurance arrangements affect children's use of care?
Volume 17, Number 10, August 2007

Organizing for emergency preparedness: One plan fits all?
Volume 17, Number 9, July 2007

Family Planning: Do enhanced services increase effectiveness?
Volume 17, Number 8, June 2007

Do HMOs Perform Better in More Competitive Markets?
Volume 17, Number 7, May 2007

Does the U.S. Medical Malpractice System Encourage Defensive Medicine?
Volume 17, Number 6, April 2007

Do Higher Beer Taxes Reduce the Number of Child Homicides?
Volume 17, Number 5, March 2007

Does Your Choice of Dentist Affect What Type of X-rays You Get? 
Volume 17, Number 4, February 2007

Would Tort Reform Reduce Medical Malpractice Insurance Premiums? 
Volume 17, Number 3, January 2007

Does Delivering a Very Low Birth Weight Infant Increase the Risk of Divorce or Separation? 
Volume 17, Number 2, December 2006

Do Higher Speed Limits Kill More Drivers? 
Volume 17, Number 1, November 2006


2005-2006 Abstracts

Utilization of Home Health and Hospice Services by Older Cancer Patients: Do We Know Enough? 
Volume 16, Number 8, September 2006

Do Handheld Decision Support Systems Improve Prescribing Safety? 
Volume 16, Number 7, August 2006

Are Employee Health Insurance Premium Contributions Larger in Labor Markets with More Two-earner Households? 
Volume 16, Number 6, July 2006

Do Education and Incentive Programs Increase Use of Car Booster Seats?
Volume 16, Number 5, May 2006 

Do Graduated Driver License Programs Reduce Fatalities Among Teenaged Passengers?
Volume 16, Number 4, April 2006

The Perception of Medical Errors by Resident Physicians: Is a New Framework Needed?
Volume 16, Number 3, March 2006

Differences in Preventive Health Quality by Resident Year: Is Seniority Better?
Volume 16, Number 2, January 2006

Do Medicaid Case Management Programs Decrease Use of Health Care Services for Children?
Volume 16, Number 1, November 2005

2004-2005 Abstracts

Does the "Primary Enforcement" of Seatbelt Laws Really Save Lives?
Volume 15, Number 7, May 2005

Does Greater HMO Competition in a Market Improve Health Plan Quality?
Volume 15, Number 6, April 2005

Do Graduated Driver License Regulations Save Lives for Teen Drivers?
Volume 15, Number 5, March 2005

Implementation of Public Health’s Core Functions – Does it Improve Health?
Volume 15, Number 4, February 2005

Do Any Willing Provider and Freedom of Choice Laws Affect HMO Market Share?
Volume 15, Number 2, November 2004

Same-Day Scheduling:  Is It Time to Rethink Traditional Appointment Systems?
Volume 15, Number 1, October 2004

2003-2004 Abstracts

Do Hospitals with Reduced Nurse Staffing Have Higher Mortality Rates?
Volume 14, Number 9, June 2004

Do Vision and Road Tests at License Renewal Save Lives for Older Drivers?
Volume 14, Number 8, May 2004

Do Higher Gasoline Prices Save Lives?
Volume 14, Number 7, April 2004

Are African Americans More Likely to be Admitted to Nursing Homes of Lower Quality?
Volume 14, Number 6, March 2004

Multiple Pregnancies and Fertility Treatment: Can Fewer Be Better?
Volume 14, Number 4, January 30, 2004

Recommending an HMO: Do Primary Care Physicians Make The Difference?
Volume 14, Number 3, December 29, 2003

Children’s Dental Care Use in Medicaid: More Than Just Prevention?
Volume 14, Number 2 / November 28, 2003

Pregnancy After 50: More Risky Than We Thought?
Volume 14, Number 1, October 31, 2003

2002-2003 Abstracts     

Does the Repeal of Certificate-of-Need Laws Pose A Significant Threat to State Medicaid Budgets?
Volume 13, Number12, September 26, 2003

Do Markets with More Non-profit Nursing Homes Provide Better Quality of Care?
Volume 13, Number 11, August 29, 2003

Are PPOs as Effective as HMOs in Controlling Employer's Health Insurance Costs?
Volume 13, Number 10, July 2003

Follow the Leader: Do Physician Leaders Significantly Affect Adherence to Clinical Guidelines?
Volume 13, Number 9, June 2003

Are Clinical Trials Missing Vital Information?
Volume 13, Number 8, May 2003

Defining Patient Satisfaction: Are We There Yet?
Volume 13, Number 7, April 2003

Are State Health Departments Adept At Dealing with Changing Needs?
Volume 13, Number 6, March 2003

Is Chest Pain A Reliable Indicator of Heart Problems?
Volume 13, Number 5, February 2003

Comparing the Costs of Treating Prostate Cancer: Are There Significant Differences?
Volume 13, Number 4, January 2003

A Capitated Health Care Plan for Infertility: Is There Too Much Risk Involved?
Volume 13, Number 3, December 2002

Managing Stakeholders: Are Current Strategic Management Methods Outdated?
Volume 13, Number 2, November 2002

Will Regionalization Lead to Better Outcomes?
Volume 13, Number 1, October 2002



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