Research Interests
Ali Ahmed
Senior Scholar
  • Quality and outcomes of care in older heart failure patients
  • Epidemiological methodologies including propensity score matching

(205) 934-9632
David J. Becker
  • Medicare fraud and abuse
  • Malpractice pressure and physician supply
  • Financial incentives and health care quality

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Eta S. Berner
Senior Scholar
  • Use and effect of health information technologies
  • Quality improvement and medical error reduction interventions
  • Effect of innovative educational approaches including distance learning and collaborative videoconferencing methodologies

(205) 975-8219
Justin Blackburn
  • SCHIP enrollment, utilization & outcomes
  • Long-term care decisions
  • Acute care costs & outcomes among beneficiaries receiving home health versus nursing home care

(205) 975-0506
Nancy Borkowski
Senior Scholar
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Strategic Management

(205) 996-2336
Janet M. Bronstein
Senior Scholar
  • Family planning for low income women
  • Community dynamics of safety net health care systems
  • Quality of care across Medicaid populations

(205) 975-8962
Darrell E. Burke
  • Health information technology strategy measures, antecedents and outcomes
  • Role of technology in consumer information seeking behavior of persons with cancer

(205) 975-1083
Robert M. Centor
Senior Scholar
  • Cost-effectiveness of medical care
  • Statistical methodology of medical decision making

(205) 934-3007
A. Conan Davis
  • Community-based delivery of health care services
  • Evaluation and improvement of the dental service delivery system
  • Inter-professional training of dental students with other health professional students

(205) 996-2724
Patricia Drentea
  • Aging
  • Inequality and health
  • Gender and health

(205) 934-2562
W. Jack Duncan
Senior Scholar
  • Strategic planning in state public health agencies
  • Organization theory
  • Strategic management of health care organizations

(205) 985-8178
Nancy E. Dunlap
  • Health care quality and outcomes
  • Patient care delivery processes
  • Clinical information technology systems

(205) 996-9080
Crayton A. Fargason, Jr.
Senior Scholar
  • Treatment and prevention of pediatric trauma and illness
  • Economics of medicine
  • Health systems development

(205) 934-4531
Gregg H. Gilbert
Senior Scholar
  • Oral epidemiology
  • Dental health services research

(205) 934-5423
Peter M. Ginter
Senior Scholar
  • Strategic management, leadership, and planning in public health and health care organizations

(205) 975-8970
Larry Hearld
Associate Scholar
  • Market factors and ambulatory care hospitalizations
  • Structure and functioning of physician organizations
  • Inter-organizational relationships in health care markets

(205) 934-0976
Robert Hernandez
Senior Scholar
  • Strategic issues in the health services industry
  • Organizational innovation and change
  • Information system implementation

(205) 934-1665
Gustavo R. Heudebert
Senior Scholar
  • Outcomes research and cost effective care
  • Medical decision making

(205) 934-2836
Lisle Hites
Associate Scholar
  • Policy evaluation, comparative effectiveness, and policy based programmatic evaluation studies.

(205) 975-8980
George Howard
Senior Scholar
  • Development and application of statistical techniques in large multicenter trials and epidemiological studies
  • Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular risk factors

(205) 934-4554
Meredith Kilgore
Senior Scholar
  • Cost-effectiveness and technology assessment of clinical information systems
  • Quality of primary care for cancer patients
  • Burden of disease associated with osteoporosis and related bone fractures

(205) 975-8840
William D. King
Senior Scholar
  • Prevention and care of pediatric emergencies

(205) 939-9720
Robert N. Kleinstein
Senior Scholar
  • Myopia, accommodative lag in children and clinical outcomes

(205) 934-6757
Andrzej Kulczycki
  • Reproductive Health
  • Demography
  • Maternal and Child Health

(205) 934-9875
Julie Locher
  • Eating behaviors and nutrition-related health outcomes in older adults
  • Policies that affect the well-being of the homebound population
  • Delivery of community-based long-term care

(205) 934-7542
Lisa C. McCormick
Associate Scholar
  • Public health preparedness and response
  • Organization of response systems
  • Assessing interorganizational networks for response capacity and community resiliency

(205) 934-7148
Stephen T. Mennemeyer
Senior Scholar
  • Economic cost-effectiveness of interventions for homeless polysubstance abusing subjects
  • Cost-effectiveness of medical devices and treatments

(205) 975-8965
Leonard Jack Nelson III
Senior Scholar
  • Regulation of managed care, HMOs and PPOs
  • Medical malpractice
  • Pharmacists' liability

(205) 726-2410
Stephen O'Connor
Senior Scholar
  • Service orientation of clinical professionals

(205) 934-1735
Patricia Patrician
  • Practice environment of staff nurses and its effect on nurse and patient outcomes
  • Nurse staffing and patient outcomes
  • Data driven quality improvement

(205) 996-5211
Maria Pisu
Associate Scholar
  • Economic evaluations of health care interventions
  • Applied econometrics
  • Health economics

(205) 975-7366
Thomas L Powers
Senior Scholar
  • Marketing strategy, international marketing, health services marketing

(205) 934-5664
Julie K. Preskitt
Associate Scholar
  • Children with special health care needs
  • Maternal and child health policy, disability policy, and underinsurance/adequacy of insurance

(205) 934-7161
Haiyan Qu
Associate Scholar
  • Effects of Medicare prospective payment on outcomes for spinal cord injury
  • Child health and obesity
  • Health care quality, guideline adherence, and patient-centered care

(205) 996-4940
James L. Raper
  • Health outcomes research in patients living with HIV
  • Social/family support for HIV patients
  • Quality of care in clinical practice

(205) 975-7732
Joshua J. Robinson
Associate Scholar
  • Health economics
  • Applied microeconometrics
  • Industrial organization

(205) 975-1987
Andrew Rucks
Senior Scholar
  • Public health preparedness for all hazards
  • Design and evaluation of preparedness drills and exercises
  • Continuity of operations planning, process optimization, and strategic planning

(205) 975-8967
Kenneth G. Saag
  • Epidemiology of osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Translating evidence into practice for both arthritis and osteoporosis

(205) 934-0893
Bisakha (Pia) Sen
Senior Scholar
  • Delinquent behavior and substance abuse among adolescents
  • Adolescent fertility outcomes
  • Child health outcomes including obesity

(205) 975-8960
Richard M. Shewchuk
Senior Scholar
  • Aging
  • Service quality measures in health care
  • Long-term care administration

(205) 934-4061
Jasvinder Singh
  • Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials of biologics for rheumatoid arthritis and other therapies for rheumatic diseases
  • Patient-reported outcomes in patients with osteoarthritis, joint replacement and gout

(205) 934-8158
Donna J. Slovensky
Senior Scholar
  • Strategic use of information resources
  • Consumer and purchaser use of health provider outcomes information
  • Outcomes assessment using clinical and administrative data

(205) 934-1679
John A. Smith
Senior Scholar
  • Health care performance improvement
  • Academic health center organization and management
  • Quality improvement of lab services

(205) 934-6421
Janet M. Turan
  • Maternal and child health in low-resource settings of both developing and developed countries
  • Stigma and discrimination as it relates to reproductive health conditions and services

(205) 934-6780
Thomas R. Vetter
  • Pediatric pain management and treatment
  • Adult pain management and treatment
  • Health policy and organization

(205) 934-6501
Robert Weech-Maldonado
Senior Scholar
  • Health disparities
  • Cultural competency tools for healthcare organizations
  • Long-term care

(205) 996-5838
Kari White
Associate Scholar
  • Immigrant women's reproductive health
  • Cultural beliefs and practices, social settings and policies affecting women's access to health services

(205) 934-6713
Martha S. Wingate
  • Perinatal health including racial and ethnic disparities, fetal and infant mortality, preterm birth
  • Health policies related to pregnancy and infant health

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