(MBA/MPH) Coordinated Master of Business Administration / Master of Public Health Program

Program Description

This coordinated Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Health degree program is offered through the UAB Collat School of Business and the UAB School of Public Health. Students may focus their MPH in any one of four areas: (1) Environmental Health Science, (2) Epidemiology, (3) Health Behavior, (4) Health Care Organization and Policy or a combination (general MPH). MPH focus courses may be customized to the experience and needs of the student.

The coordinated MBA/MPH program results in two advanced degrees providing students with skills necessary for a broad range of positions in health care management, entrepreneurship, and leadership. MPH coursework typically includes courses in the core public health disciplines as well as health economics, finance, accounting, management, strategic planning, health insurance, and health policy.

Program Requirements

A total of 60 credit hours of coursework are required for the coordinated MBA/MPH. Courses include the Public Health Core plus 7 hours of Public Health focus course as well 10 MBA courses. Normally, 42 credit hours are required for the MPH and 36 credit hours for the MBA; however, because of the coordinated nature of the degree 12 credit hours from the MBA curriculum are credited to the MPH and six hours from the MPH are credited to the MBA. Students may complete either degree programs totally online, in class, or through a mix of online and in class experiences. Out-of state online students pay the same tuition rate as Alabama residents.

Program Admission Process

To apply students must have at least a bachelor degree. Students are admitted separately to the MBA and MPH programs. The GRE or GMAT will be accepted for either degree program.

Application Process

Students must apply separately to each program. To apply for the MBA, please apply through the Graduate School's Application Process.

Select "MBA/MPH dual degree program" from the drop down menu. Select "MPH dual program" and then the MPH/MBA track. The School of Business will accept the GRE in lieu of the GMAT. **If supplying a GRE score please notify Christy Manning, Administrative Director at 934-8817 or cmanning@uab.edu.

To apply for the dual MPH, please apply through the Graduate School's Application Process

Select "MPH dual program" and then the "MPH/MBA" track. The School of Public Health will accept the GMAT in lieu of the GRE.

Curriculum Planning

Click here for the Coordinated Master of Public Health / Master of Business Administration (MBA/MPH) Curriculum Planning Sheet

Contact Information

For additional information concerning the coordinated MBA/MPH program contact the School of Public Health at soph@uab.edu or Christy Manning in the School of Business at cmanning@uab.edu.