Sonny Callahan Student Scholars Program Scholarship

Friends, colleagues, and admirers established this scholarship to Representative Sonny Callahan for his years of service to our State and Country. Specific criteria include a minimum 3.5 cumulative grade point average (based on a 4.0 scale) on all undergraduate and/or graduate work. Special consideration is given to those whose background experience indicates a desire to be an effective citizen by participation and leadership in extracurricular and/or community activities.



Alysse Sephel, MPH, Epidemiology

Victoria Quadrini, MPH, Epidemiology

Aundrea Bevis, MPH, Epidemiology



Alexandra Hunter, MPH, Epidemiology

Erica Mann, MPH, Health Care Organization & Policy



Erin Schmale, MPH, Epidemiology

Kimberly Phillips, MPH, Health Behavior

Mariel Parman, MPH, Health Behavior



Kathryn McGriff, MPH, Health Care Organization & Policy



Tamara Hue, MPH, Epidemiology

Kelly Kotarek, MPH, Health Behavior



    Scott Russell, MPH, Environmental Health Sciences 

Carrie Kilpatrick, MPH, Health Behavior 



   Ben Davis, MPH, Epidemiology

Anatasia Hartzes, MPH, Epidemiology



   Jamie Stiller, MPH, Health Behavior

Taylor Poston, MPH, Environmental Health Sciences

Kelsey Eliasson, MPH, Health Behavior 





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