Biking to fight child trafficking

School of Public Health

SOPH Alumni Advisory Board member and past Alumna of the Year, Jan Bell, is biking through Canada to raise funds to fight child trafficking. She's biked 824 miles and more to go!

Bell states that "In two more days, the 2,000-mile journey will end in Owen Sound, Ontario. This weekend is its annual Emancipation Festival celebrating freedom seekers and those that assisted along the way. Ancestors of freedom seekers escaping from slavery and also UGRR participants will be attending to celebrate and remember.
The ending of this UGRR bike ride to raise funds to fight child trafficking on the weekend of the Emancipation Festival is fitting as we hit our $5,000 goal to train 1,000 modern day "UGRR conductors" -- first responders and patrol officers in Jefferson County -- to aid and assist those needing to be freed from trafficking."

For more information about Jan's journey, please click here.