PPE: NOT As Seen on TV

What is public health without preparation and prevention? We don’t know either, and we aren’t sure that we want to find out!

My Brother’s Keeper: Denouncers of Health Disparities - May 14, 2018

“MBK’s mission is to reduce health disparities throughout the United States by addressing the health and well-being of minority and marginalized populations th

When Values Clash and Dance - May 14, 2018

“What keeps you coming in?” Dr.

Empezando nuestro viaje – 13 de Mayo de 2018

Hoy cargamos el bus y nos dirigimos hacia Jackson, Mississippi.

On Our Way - May 13, 2018

Today we loaded the bus and left for Jackson, Mississippi.

Estudiantes realizan un viaje alrededor del sureste para examinar los problemas que afectan la salud de sus habitantes

Quince estudiantes viajarán desde Birmingham a Mississippi, Louisiana y Georgia para estudiar la salud de sus habitantes y como las determinantes sociales de s


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