Post-Test Evaluation - "Nutrition Management of Cystic Fibrosis" (#137100)

After reviewing the PowerPoint presentation "Nutrition Management of Cystic Fibrosis" (#137100), please complete the following post-test evaluation. An asterisk indicates a required response. A certificate of completion will be emailed within 2 weeks of submission. Direct questions to Julie McDougal, Center of Excellence in MCH Education, Science & Practice, UAB School of Public Health. 

Objective 1: Describe Cystic Fibrosis (CF) & how it is diagnosed

The correct answers are:
CF is a primarily Caucasian genetic disease
CF primarily affects the respiratory system, GI tract & sweat glands
The diagnostic test for CF is a CF Center-performed sweat chloride test

Objective 2: Discuss related medical & nutritional implications

The correct answers are:
People with CF have increased energy, protein and calorie needs
Children with CF can have behavioral issues around oral intake
Many people with CF eventually develop CF-Related Diabetes and liver disease

Objective 3: Conduct appropriate nutrition assessment, diagnosis & intervention related to CF

The correct answers are:
The weight-for-age percentile
The height (or length)-for-age percentile
The body mass index (or BMI)-for-age percentile

Objective 4: Explain the use of nutritional supplements & pancreatic enzyme replacement

The correct answers are:
PERT is employed (and adjusted, when needed) to relieve malabsorption
Because the vitamins and minerals in foods are not adequately absorbed, people with CF need vitamin and mineral supplements

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