Annual Retreat 2008

August 2008 Section on Statistical Genetics (SSG) Two-day offsite retreat
(8/18 -8/19, 2008)

Alabama 4-H Center

Alabama 4-H Center
892 4-H Road
Columbiana, AL 35051

(205) 669-4241
Fax (205) 669-1364


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  Agenda (PDF)

Mon 8/18/2008
Environmental Education Building Auditorium
Time Topic Speakers
8:00 AM Breakfast  
9:00 AM

Scientific Session I

  1. Guimin Gao PhD
    Application of multiple testing methods to genome-wide association studies
  2. Douglas Childers PhD
    A comparison for Imputation Methods for GWA Studies
  3. Nianjun Liu PhD
    Modeling SNP genotype data with informatively missingness
  4. Nick Pajewski PhD
    Bayesian Multiple Shrinkage Approaches to Association Studies
  5. Kui Zhang PhD
    Pathway-based Analysis of Genome Wide Association Studies
  6. Rui Feng PhD
    Genome-Wide Imprinting Tests on Diabetes-Related Phenotypes
  7. Nathan Wineinger
    The Current State of Copy Number Variation
11:30 AM Lunch & Big Picture  
1:30 PM Break-out sessions Group 1:  Faculty
Group 2:  Fellows
Group 3:  Students
Group 4:  Programmers
Group 5:  Staff
3:00 PM

Scientific Session II

  1. Xiangqin Cui PhD
    Consistency assessment among multiple probe sets interrogating the same gene on the Affymetrix MOE430 GeneChip
  2. Richard Reynolds PhD
    Estimating heritability of floral traits using the animal model
  3. Stephen Erickson PhD
    Multilevel Hidden Markov Model (mHMM) of DNA Copy Number Variants (CNVs)
  4. Georgina Ankra-Badu PhD
    Bayesian Analysis of Fatness and Growth Traits in Animal Models
  5. Nengjun Yi PhD
    Bayesian GLM Approach for Interacting QTL Mapping: Real Data Examples
  6. Mary Wojczynski PhD
5:00 PM Time on your own
  1. Swimming and Basketball are available at no charge.
  2. Putt-Putt is available for $3.00 per person.
6:30 PM Dinner



Tue 8/19/2008
Check-out time is 10:00 AM, so bring your luggage to the meeting room
Time Topic Speakers
8:00 AM Breakfast  
8:30 AM –
10:30 AM

Session III

  1. David B. Allison PhD
    The Rise of Statistics as an Empirical Science:  Genomics as the Levening"
  2. L. Kelly Vaughan PhD
    Integrative Data Analysis: Pathways and Beyond
  3. Hemant Tiwari PhD
    Overview of my current research: Missing Data, CNV in GWAS, familial data GWAS, GxE, etc
  4. Mark Beasley PhD
    Issues in Using Inverse Normal Transformations
  5. Richard Kennedy MD PhD
    Neuroscience and Genomics:  Overview and Issues
  6. Calvin Elam
    The comparative effect of metformin or calorie restriction on lifespan in Fisher 344 rats
10:30 AM BREAK


10:45 AM

Break-out sessions
(reports & discussions)

Group 1:  Faculty
Group 2:  Fellows
Group 3:  Students
Group 4:  Programmers

12:15 PM –
1:15 PM

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