Past Faculty - Kelly Vaughan, Ph.D.

Kelly Vaughan, Ph.D. Department of Biostatistics
Ryals Public Health Bldg
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL 35294
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I received my BS in Biochemistry with a minor in Animal Science from Berry College and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Texas A&M University. My thesis focused on understanding the complex genetic relationship of wild, weedy and cultivated rice. I also investigated the underlying mechanism of resistance to the herbicide glufosinate (used for the GMO rice LibertyLink) in a weedy rice variety found in Texas.   This work received national recognition for the application of genetic and statistical methods in the field of Weed Science and was awarded Paper of the Year by the Weed Science Society of America in 2003 (Vaughan et al. 2001). I joined the SSG in the spring of 2005 as a post-doctoral fellow to learn more about the statistical methods used in population genetics research. My work focused on the development, evaluation and application of population stratification, admixture and structured association testing methods.

In 2008 I was awarded a Mentored Career Development Award by the NIDDK entitled Cluster Based Selection of Candidate Genes in Genome Wide Association Studies. I developed this application based on a desire to gain further training in bioinformatics and computational biology. This project was designed to bridge my training in biochemistry, genetics and statistical genetics while strengthening my skills to actively facilitate cross disciplinary research.

Since joining the Department as a Research Assistant Professor in 2008, I have continued to develop my research interest in applying systems biology and bioinformatics approaches in the analysis and interpretation of genomic data. Genes do not act in isolation, although many current statistical analysis methods for high dimensional genomics data make this assumption. My research addresses this by combining biochemical and genetic knowledge with statistical analysis to put the long lists of genes or variants that are produced by genome wide experiments into a biological context. This is accomplished through the application of pathway, network and functional annotation analysis methods to candidate gene, genome wide association, whole genome expression, methylation and other high dimensional genomic data. I am also interested in applying the concepts of reproducible research to genomics and maintain an active interest in admixture and population genetics. Although my current appointment does not focus on teaching, I enjoy opportunities as a guest lecturer in classes at UAB and as an instructor at several short-courses. My broad back ground and diverse research experiences have also given me a unique perspective, and I am privileged to act as a mentor to several graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.


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Years: 2005 - 2008 (Postdoctoral Fellow)
Mentor(s):  David T. Redden, PhD & David B Allison PhD & Hemant K. Tiwari, PhD
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Biology, Director Bioinformatics Program, King University