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Availability of genomic data and informatics tools have allowed the researchers of both biomedical and computing community to work in a collaborative computing paradigm. Such an unprecedented scale of data-science collaboration has led to a significant growth in implementing highly efficient and optimized algorithms to solve healthcare problems ranging from population health to personalized medicine.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham's Department of Biostatistics is pleased to announce our inaugural online educational framework to our biomedical and genomic sciences community. Our course aims to offer an instructional platform along with all the raw material required to conduct genomic data science representing a broad range of scientific frameworks like Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS), Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), Germline and Somatic data analytics. We believe that this course will provide a venue for learning cutting-edge analytics and best practices, thereby fostering collaborations among methodologists, analysts, and biomedical investigators.

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