Stat Genetics Video - GWAS Data Management & QC

Amit Patki

Amit Patki
Statistician II
Department of Biostatistics

Amit has MS degree in Genetic Epidemiology from Washington University in St. Louis. He worked on HERITAGE Family Study project for 2 years, as a Research Assistant, at Washington University School of Medicine. His Masters research project was on ‘Bivariate Linkage Analysis’. Amit also has MS degree in Statistics from University of New Orleans, LA.

Amit has been working as a statistician in Department of Biostatistics since 2004. His responsibilities within department include assisting with, and often leading, a number of our data analysis and software development efforts using range of statistical languages and data analysis software packages, including SAS, R, PLINK . He is currently working on GWAS, Whole Genome Association, and Methylation projects.

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Hand-on Video

GWAS Data Management & QC - Module 1

Published on April, 2018


GWAS Data Management & QC - Module 2

Published on April, 2018


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