Your Bachelor's Degree in Public Health

A Bachelor's degree in Public Health will give students a broad introduction into the field while preparing them and for career readiness further education in areas such as health education, community health, and business in both the private in public sector. A Bachelor of Science in Public Health covers most or all of the same core topics as MPH students - epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health sciences, health policy and management, and health behavior and can give students a unique foundation which will be helpful in many professional graduate programs.     

We offer a BS in Public Health in the following three concentrations:


Environmental Health Sciences Concentration

A concentration in Environmental Health Sciences will prepare you to protect both the environment and workers by identifying and eliminating health hazards in a variety of settings, as well as studying their effects on human and natural populations. Environmental health scientists work in public and private sector careers to address problems such as pollution, water safety, and ecosystem protection.



Global Health Studies Concentration

As a student in the Global Health concentration you will learn about health conditions that affect people around the world and associated challenges that make these issues difficult to address such as poverty, cultural beliefs, and population dynamics. This program will prepare you to work both locally and globally in public health by studying the effects of disease and learning how to plan and implement public health programs.



Public Health Concentration

With the increase in prevalence and magnitude of public health issues across the world, it is vital that public health organizations and the communities they serve, be prepared and aware of public health effects.  In the Public Health concentration, you will learn about a mix of factors and dynamics that contribute to public health issues across the board, and will be able to gain a broad understanding of current public health practices. 



Today's health challenges are global, involving diseases that must be understood at the cellular level and addressed by communities - from Alabama's Black Belt to sub-Saharan Africa. And it is the public health practitioner whose ounce of prevention extends the lives of millions in the United States and around the world.

UAB provides faculty and students near limitless opportunities for collaboration that enable them to develop new, creative, and unusual interventions to tackle today's thorniest health issues, improve workplace health and safety, and strengthen the nation's public health preparedness capabilities.  

Our students develop technical, scientific, and leadership competencies highly sought by business, industry, academia, and the public sector.

Located in the heart of the largest academic health center in the Southeast, the UAB School of Public Health is embracing these challenges in Alabama and around the world, building the next generation of bold professionals leading innovation in public health. Let us become your place of discovery and training.